Saturday, May 30, 2015

Art 3 Final

Part I 

I solve problems
I intended on making my prints to come out something like the one above on the left but I didn't realize that I needed to make two prints. After I figured that out, I got really lazy and frustrated and I just stuck to doing one print. Then I realized that I could just turn the print sideways and it could still match up. After that, I put all of my prints together to make one really cool big one. I really like the way it came out, even more than what I had planned.

I developed my art making skills
I started off making the prints with just solid colors, but in the picture you can see there are a few that I made gradient. I was given this idea by my two table partners, Jessica and Andrea. I didn't realize that you could use multiple colors in making these prints. I had just stuck to the plain solid colors before. They helped me learn a new technique into print making. Also, after doib so many prints, I became very good at print making.

I take risks
With this text art project, I decided that my medium would be melted crayons. This project was a huge risk for me because I had no idea how it would turn out and because I had never done it before. Melting crayons was a different material to me and I was willing to give it a try. After I finished, I was very proud of how it turned out and I am glad I took that risk. 

I create original art
As I was looking up ideas online for text art, I saw a melted crayon piece that had a heart in the center that was untouched by the crayons. I then thought of how I could do that with words. So I tried it out. I was "inspired" to make this art piece from the one I saw online. Haha. But anyways, this was a very fun project that was also a little messy.

Part II

 Do over
If I were given the opportunity, I would do over my time project. I feel that it could have been better and I just didn't spend enough time on that project. I think the piece does not really show time at all. If I could, I would change the piece completely. I would just come up with a whole new idea related to time art. I would have loved to try and take pictures like the ones above on the right because they were taken at exactly the right time.

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