Saturday, February 14, 2015

Moving on to Time Art

In my last blog post, I
said that I was going to melt crayons and spell the word "inspire". So here it is! I started this by cutting out the word with tape. After I put that on the canvas, I super glued on 
crayons.When I was done with this I melted them with a blow dryer (This became really messy). In the middle of my blow drying the tape on the S and R started coming off so the crayons over where the tape was suppose to be. After I let the crayons dry, I peeled off the tape and painted white over the letters to make sure you can see the word more clearly. 

Next, I decided to work on the time art unit. I started digging deeper and this is what is on my pinterest board
Right now I am still thinking about my challenges. I have thought about dominoes falling but I am not sure if I will stick with it. 

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  1. Two things you did really well with this project..

    First is the melting of the crayons. I've seen students attempt this before and their colors ran muddy. you were able to keep the colors bright and clean which really adds to the appeal of the project.

    Second, the font you used with the rounded edges really works. when I think of tape, I think of cut of, hard edges. Instead, you were able to created rounded edges which produce a more appealing font.